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TFH - Special Needs Toys


Special Needs Toys were the very first Clicks Help pilot customer.

We applied Clicks Help to the product purchase process with the following results in AB testing, using a £1 donation to the charity, Royal National Institute for the Blind with every purchase transaction.

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Irish Wax Museum


The Irish Wax Museum is one of Dublin's premier tourist attractions. Initially, we implemented Clicks Help without AB testing and the customer noticed a huge jump in online ticket sales.

However to isolate the effect, we implemented AB testing on the online ticket purchasing process with these outstanding results. The Wax Museum made a 50c donation to Sightsavers with each purchase transaction.

Laoise Keaveney, Marketing Manager Irish Wax Museum, Ciara Smullen, Corporate Fundraising Manager, Sightsavers Ireland, Tony Keville, Commercial Director Clicks Help and Father Ted celebrating the Clicks Help success!

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Bonita Global

Bonita Global were our first customer in India, implementing Clicks Help on their e-commerce site. They encouraged visitors by giving a 25 Rupee donation to Sightsavers India with each purchase transaction.

Here are the RESULTS!

  • +63% more Homepage Home
  • +51% more Product Views
  • +172% more Add To Cart Clicks
  • +115% more Checkout Clicks
  • +175% more Payment Screen Clicks
  • +300% more Actual Sales

“We are delighted with the results so far!"

- Vineeta Mittal -

Brand Director


Here is what you can expect each new Conversion to cost using Clicks Help at various donation amounts and conversion rate improvement %'s.

Donation Amount 10% 20% 40% 60%
25 3.58 1.95 1.14 0.87
50 6.88 3.75 2.19 1.67
1 13.48 7.35 4.29 3.27

Here is where we expect you to perform!

According to, the average Cost Per Click on Google Search is $2.69. That's for a Click, not a Conversion.